Enjoyable Attractions in Munich that You Must not Miss

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Munich is gaining popularity as a top-notch touring destination in Germany. Since decades the capital city of Bavaria is well known in the tourist world for its Oktoberfest. However, it is now popular for its high-tech bastion developments in the midst of heritage reflecting its art and ancient culture. Thus, it is the greatest attraction for students, people preferring to work abroad as well as for millions of tourists.

At least once in your life time, you need to visit this exciting city that boasts of great architecture and glimpses of old villages of Bavaria. It is easy to tour the city as all the main attractions are present within the city limits. Most of the places can be reached by riding bikes or by cycling.

Places you must visit in Munich:

  • Beer gardens and beer halls – Since centuries these are the places where tourists and locals enjoy good quality booze and delicious food. Best cosy place playing live jazz and having traditional food stalls and art showrooms. The popular places to spend the whole day are just few kilometres from the city centre. Most people like to visit the place by walk or by cycling.
  • Glockenspiel performance in the centre of the city – Amazing art of 16th century, a performance of motorized painted figurines, dancing in varied costumes, twirling around inside the ancient tower. The cuckoo bird emerging at the end of the performance steals the limelight of the whole show.
  • Old town hall – If you prefer to view few centuries old architecture then the hall is the best place to experience 15th century art style. The 180-foot tower is well maintained protecting the historical importance of the city.
  • The column of St. Mary – In the centre place of the famous Marienplatz square stands the statue of St. Mary built as a memorial for the end of the thirty years war. There are four small delicately carved statues at the base of the column are the signs of ending trouble, hunger, severe ailments and destructions of war in the city.
  • Munich Residenz – It was the royal residence of the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria. The display of the royal heirlooms, the spellbound decoration of the palace rooms and the awesome architecture style of the palace lures tourists from all around the globe. The breathtaking Hofgarten, the 17th century designed garden is the best place to picnic and enjoy the tasty food from nearby road side foodies centre.

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  1. The river Eisbach: It is home for surfers, enjoying surfing on high waves sometimes up to 1 meter high. You can enjoy the view of surfers from the west side of national museum and Haus der Kunst.
  2. Nymphenburg palace: It was the summer place to reside of the king Max Emanuel. It is a huge cubic shaped pavilion having a court church nearby and well maintained geometrically designed garden.

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